Aesthetic Dental Center employs professionals in aesthetic dentistry. We restore the form and function of a tooth that has been affected by caries using polymer fillings and inlays. To do this, we use modern Japanese and Italian materials that are considered the best in the world in terms of aesthetics and quality. The need to fill the tooth is determined by the doctor after examining the oral cavity and, in some cases, taking an X-ray. The procedure includes removing the affected part of the tooth, cleaning the area and filling it with filling material. The restored tooth from Aesthetic Dental Center looks natural. The fillings on the chewing teeth repeat the relief of natural enamel and in the smile area, the cut edges of the tooth are transparent. They do not change color and last for years.

What you should know about

Types of filling

Photopolymer or light fillings are made of plastic, they fill the affected area of the tooth with microscopic accuracy, they are easy to model and form a physiological relief. With a variety of material shades, you can choose a color that is absolutely identical to the original enamel. Since the filling is made in several layers, it is possible to control its transparency, which is necessary in the case of front teeth. Polymer fillings harden only under the influence of ultraviolet rays, so the dentist has enough time to give the necessary shape. Photocomposite fillings are firmly attached to the tooth with an adhesive, so their lifespan is not limited. The color of such fillings does not change over the years, and they are completely safe for the body in terms of chemical composition.

If more than 50% of the chewing tooth is affected, there is a risk that when restoring with polymer materials, a thin wall of natural enamel will eventually break down, unable to withstand the load. In this case, we recommend filling with zirconium inlays. The process of making such an inlay is similar to the technique of making zirconium crowns, only in this case not only the external shape of the tooth is modeled, but also the internal relief. At the first visit, the doctor cleans the affected area, takes pictures with a digital scanner and places a temporary filling, and the picture is sent to the Italian laboratory to make the inlay. At the second appointment, the tab is attached to the tooth - it exactly replicates the color and shape of a natural tooth and, most importantly, it resists chewing loads.

Signs of a modern high-quality filling

1. Mimicry of the anatomical shape of the tooth. That is, it is not a flat spot, but a relief surface that mimics the cracks, which are designed to grind food.
2. There is no perceptible difference between the own enamel and the filling material.
3. The dental floss passes between the teeth with slight effort.
4. It is not possible to find the boundary between the filling and your own tooth.
5. There is no discomfort or discomfort after the treatment.
6. The tissues surrounding the restored tooth are not damaged.

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