Wisdom teeth

The procedure for pulling a wisdom tooth of any complexity at our dental clinic in The Hague is performed in one step. Our doctor has been working in surgery for over thirty years, he treats even the most abnormal cases of wisdom teeth with minimal discomfort to the patient. We also use modern anesthesia, making the removal process painless.

What you should know about
Wisdom teeth

Reasons for wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth are called third molars or eighth molars in dentistry, if you count from the middle of the lower or upper teeth. This is actually a principle we inherited from our distant ancestors, whose jaws were much wider. Because we eat thermally processed foods, the structure of our bones has undergone evolutionary changes and the number of teeth has remained the same in most people.

Wisdom teeth have no deciduous tooth precursors like normal molars, their principles are formed at the age of 4-5 years. They erupt late, averaging 18-30 years of age. Because the teeth are already formed by then, the wisdom tooth does not have enough room for most people. The tooth develops at the wrong angle, begins to press and move against the entire row of molars and alters the bite. Sometimes the tooth does not fully erupt, causing inflammation of the gums and swelling of the soft tissues. All of this is painful and can lead to even greater complications. To avoid such unpleasant symptoms and expensive orthodontic treatments, it is easier to remove the wisdom tooth in time.

Is it always necessary to remove a wisdom tooth?

Several specialists believe that wisdom teeth should always be removed. In fact, if the wisdom tooth has cut the correct position, does not interfere with chewing and does not cause discomfort, it is no different from the rest of the teeth. But you should take into account its inaccessibility to a toothbrush and pay special attention to hygiene, and be examined regularly by a dentist.

Procedure for wisdom tooth extraction

Before deciding to remove a wisdom tooth, the dentist performs X-ray diagnostics. The image shows the location of the tooth, the structure of the roots, the state of the canals, possible pathologies - in short, it contains information to choose the right removal method.

If the crown of the tooth is well preserved and there are no complications, the procedure is performed with forceps and takes 10-30 minutes.

To remove a problematic wisdom tooth, the doctor uses other surgical instruments (scalpel, drill, etc.) And the duration of the operation is extended to 2 hours.

Care after wisdom tooth extraction

After the end of anesthesia, pain occurs at the site of tooth extraction. The last 3-5 days, but the pain does not have to be endured, take painkillers. Most importantly, before the hole heals, be careful about eating and drinking. You should not eat hot or too cold food, it is better to refrain from alcohol and smoking. Do not touch the place where the tooth was with your tongue, so as not to damage the blood clot that protects the tooth cavity from bacteria.
If your condition has not improved within a few days, the pain has increased or the temperature has risen, please contact us.

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