At Aesthetic Dental Center, we always try to preserve your teeth. But sometimes the situation arises where you lose them due to age or other reasons. In that case, we can offer removable or partially removable dentures in comfortable, non-toxic materials. We always explain to you in detail which prostheses will be suitable for you and suggest alternative solutions. We work only with reputable laboratories that specialize in dentures of high aesthetic and functional quality. You will wear them comfortably, and those around you will only notice your beautiful natural smile.

What you should know about

Types of dentures

If you need dentures in The Hague, contact our dental office. We will find the most suitable option for you. Dentures come in two types: removable and partial dentures. Dentures also differ in the way they are attached. Your dentist will determine which type is most appropriate for you during your individual consultation.

Fully removable dentures

These dentures are used for complete tooth loss. Complete lower and upper dentures are made of plastic and nylon. These are modern, non-toxic materials with high aesthetic value. The colors and shape of the dentures are always chosen individually. We recommend holding them in place for the first few days to avoid discomfort with these dentures. This allows us to identify pressure points and correct the shape. Then it is recommended to take off these dentures at night and clean them daily with special products.

Conditional removable prostheses

These dentures do not need to be removed every night. They are used when one or more chewing teeth are missing. Fixed dentures are attached with glue or cement or with metal brackets that fit over the supporting teeth.

Fixation of dentures

Dental implants at INTAN;

telescopic attachment system.

Unlike plate dentures, conditional dentures are not held in place by a vacuum between the plate and the gingiva, but by various fixation devices. They can be removed for cleaning, but are more stable and comfortable to use.

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