The periodontium (gums, bone sockets, and ligaments) are the tissues that ensure the health of the teeth, the basis for their good condition. At Aesthetic Dental Center, you will find all types of periodontal treatments. We also perform an aesthetic procedure - gingival plastic. The skilled hands of our doctors and their years of experience in periodontology guarantee excellent results.

What you should know about

Types of Gum Disease

Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease. If you notice bleeding and swelling, or if the tissue at the base of the tooth has shortened and a groove has appeared, these are signs of incipient inflammation and you should see a doctor urgently.

Periodontitis is the next stage in the development of gingivitis. If timely action is not taken, bacteria accumulate in areas of gingivitis, destroying the tissue around the tooth, gradually separating the gums from it, and exposing the neck and roots. Periodontitis is a chronic gum disease in which the neck and root of the tooth become exposed. The distance between the teeth often changes, the color of the enamel deteriorates, the sensitivity to cold and hot food increases, the teeth become loose. In extreme cases, periodontitis leads to tooth loss.

Treatment of gum disease

Treatment of gum disease begins with a deep hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity. The doctor removes plaque, tartar, and microbial film. In the early stages of the disease, anti-inflammatory therapy is prescribed in the form of gels, antiseptic rinses, which relieve swelling and inflammation.
It may also be necessary to perform trimming and root planning. The procedure includes a deep cleaning with ultrasound of the gum line and smoothing of the tooth surface, which reduces the likelihood of tartar formation. To remove discomfort during the procedure, local anesthesia is used.

If a patient is diagnosed with periodontitis, curettage is performed - that is, scraping pathogenic bacterial deposits from the periodontal pocket. If necessary, the doctor shatters the teeth, strengthens them to prevent possible loosening.

Treatment of periodontitis requires an integrated approach, the use of physiotherapy, and surgical methods. An individual program is drawn up for each patient, according to the complexity of the situation and taking into account additional pathologies.

Prevention of gum disease

Oral hygiene plays a key role in preventing gum disease. Thorough tooth brushing twice a day, regular checkups, and thorough professional cleaning by the dentist.

Gummy Smile

Gummy smile or gum smile is considered an exclusive aesthetic defect, from the point of view of dental health it is not a pathology. An ideal smile is the one where only teeth are visible or no more than 2-3 mm from the gums. But as statistics show, 10-15% of the people in the world have a gummy smile. If you are one of them and you are experiencing psychological discomfort, solve this problem at Aesthetic Dental Center. Gingival plastic is a simple surgery. Using a laser, the dentist removes excess tissue from the tooth surface and reshapes the gum contour. The procedure is quick, painless and safe. One visit to the dentist and you can be proud of your smile.

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