Child dentistry

A child learn to properly care for his or her teeth is decisive for the future life of your child. At Aesthetic Dental Center, children get used to sitting in the dental chair without fear and learn how to take care of their teeth.

Before starting work, the children's dentist playfully explains to the patient what is going to happen. The child participates in the game and already quietly performs all the procedures and even helps out. Once you have visited us, you no longer need to persuade your child to go to the dentist. Children go easy on themselves, seeing the dentist at Aesthetic Dental Center again.

We recommend starting regular dental checkups when your child is 2 - 2.5 years old. The growth and condition of baby teeth affect the future health of permanent teeth, bite formation and even the accuracy of speech. It is better to prevent bad habits and correct any orthodontic problems early on.

What you should know about
Child Dentistry

Dental cleaning

Usually, children are not very responsible when it comes to oral hygiene; in fact, hygienic cleaning protects their teeth. At Aesthetic Dental Center, we remove tartar and plaque from children's teeth using the AirFlow system. The technique is comfortable even for sensitive teeth, it is an excellent caries prevention and also a good habit.

Fluorination of teeth

Children's enamel is fragile, it does not contain enough minerals to prevent germs and the development of caries. Therefore, we recommend feeding it externally with professional fluoride products. In a few minutes after applying a special preparation to the child's teeth, the enamel is saturated with the required amount of fluoride, strengthening the natural protective barrier of the teeth. This procedure should be performed twice a year, not only for young children, but also for adolescents.

Treatment of pediatric caries

The treatment of childhood caries does not always involve drilling with a drill. In the early stages, fluoridation may be sufficient. More severe lesions we treat with infiltration and ozone therapy. We treat deep childhood caries under local anesthesia.

Orthodontics for children

Often a malocclusion is formed in children at a young age. You should make an appointment with an orthodontist if:

  • You notice that the child has difficulty swallowing or breathing.
  • Your child has developed bad habits, such as biting their lip or sucking their thumb.
  • Teeth were removed for therapeutic indications.
  • The teeth began to deform rapidly and there is not enough room for permanent teeth.
  • Trauma to the maxillofacial region

To correct orthodontic problems in children, we use different techniques: vestibular plates, myofunctional trainers, removable plate appliances, lip bumpers, etc.

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