At Aesthetic Dental Center, we correct occlusion and abnormal positions of teeth with the Invisalign system of invisible aligners. It is a modern alternative to braces that can handle any complexity. Aligners can be removed during meals and before brushing, you won't feel them in your mouth and others won't see them. We manufacture original Invisaligners in the brand's laboratory in the USA. If the teeth are not in the position we need at the end of the program, the company makes additional aligners for free. Only original Invisalign manufacturers provide such a guarantee of results.

What you should know about

The correction process with Invisalign

During the first visit, the orthodontist takes impressions of both jaws, scans them and creates a 3D model of the desired result. By comparing the current and expected condition of the teeth, the doctor creates a treatment plan and determines how many "steps" are needed, i.e. changes of aligners. If you wear mouthguards 20-22 hours a week, one step takes 2 weeks. Every two weeks, the patient receives a new pair of Invisalign, which is slightly different from the previous one and continues to move the teeth in the desired direction.

Benefits of aligners

Changing your bite with aligners is much more comfortable than correcting with braces. Mouth guards gently press on the teeth, do not rub, and do not alter your speech.

They are easy to remove at any time. You brush your teeth in the usual way and enjoy your favourite food. The treatment is psychologically comfortable. Transparent mouthguards are almost invisible to others, even at close range. The bite correction with the Invisalign system is suitable for both adults and adolescents. The duration of treatment is always individual - sometimes a few months are sufficient, sometimes a year and a half.

Provide Invisaligners

  • Brush the aligners every day with a toothbrush under warm water.
  • Aligners should not be poured over with boiling water.
  • Store trays in a special container.
  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating.
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